The benefits of baking Christmas cookies

This is the time of year when you can bake loads of cookies and nobody finds it awkward. On the contrary, people might even expect you to do it/have done it/will be doing it.

Baking cookies can be rewarding in different ways. Sure, you will be having self-baked cookies, which will always be a benefit. But baking cookies can also be a marvelous chance to get away from your screen, take a short break, and practise some awareness.

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Promises to your customers

Promises are tricky. Whether you promise your kid that extra treat or that toy if … or you want to sell shoes, t-shirts or cookies.
You better think carefully before you let yourself be tempted to promise something you might not want to deliver.

A short story about selling shoes

I happen to have subscribed to a newsletter of a brand of shoes I like. That is, I even signed up for a “friends & family” program. So once in a while I get these emails inviting me to get a sneak preview of the new collection or an extra discount for being a friend. Same thing now, as summer moves on everybody is doing summer sales. So I got this coupon in my email promising me 50% discount, applicable only to items that are already on sale. Sounds like a good deal.Continue reading “Promises to your customers”

Multisite: From Subdomain to Subfolder

A few years ago we changed a multilingual blog into a WordPress Multisite network using MultilingualPress for the multilingual part. Today, with wanting to have SSL on all sites, this slowly grew into a nightmare.

So after checking all options, I realized everything would be so easy if we just could change the network from the domain based network (“subdomain” install) it was into a path based one (“subfolder” install).

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Restricting Content to User Roles

Sometimes, content is aimed at certain people or user groups only. Sometimes it contains data you need to make sure it’s not spread all over our beautiful World Wide Web. And in some of these cases, the way to do it is not to just add a plugin and click a button. 😉

So my task was to not only hide content from plain sight but it should be accessible  to two user groups only.Continue reading “Restricting Content to User Roles”

Troubleshooting Common BackupBuddy Errors

As I stated before, I do love my BackupBuddy. I haven’t encountered a backup and restore plugin that seems to work better for me. It usually is fast, fairly pain-free and it very rarely happens that it doesn’t work out of the box.

It does happen, however, and I figured I’d just quickly note the problems I run into most often and how to fix them.Continue reading “Troubleshooting Common BackupBuddy Errors”

Being part of WordCamp Nuremberg

WordCamp Nuremberg took place on April 16 and 17, with a Contributor Day on the 18th. I loved being there and therefore meant to write a recap. So I better sit down with it now.

For me, WordCamp Nuremberg was a lot about community. Maybe it was because I was volunteering (again) and got the job title of “Head of Registration”. But more likely it was because over the years I have been getting closer and closer to this community.Continue reading “Being part of WordCamp Nuremberg”

Struggling with customer satisfaction

Actually I meant to write a post on how to find a good hosting company for your WordPress projects. In the end it turned out to be an article on customer satisfaction, due to my experiences with different hosting companies.

Every once in a while, the question of where to host your website pops up and is rather persistent. What looked like a pretty good fit years ago just doesn’t feel right anymore.Continue reading “Struggling with customer satisfaction”