Coffee shop life

Occasionally, I love spending a few hours at one of my favorite coffee shops. Yeah, I admit it’s usually one of our few Starbucks here in Munich.
I just love the atmosphere. People working quietly, others enthusiastically discussing ideas or projects.
It probably is one of the most international places in town.
When I get stuck with a project, an idea, when I feel I’m lacking inspiration, that’s where I go.
I doodle, enjoy my cappuccino, write. And most of the times it works.

Sunday Breakfast: Yeast Krantz

If you like sweet yeast pastry, this one definitely is for you! Rather simple to make and a real treat. (I didn’t even manage to snap a picture before my family had eaten half of it.)

The problem with all baked goods based on yeast dough: The yeast needs to rise and that may take some time. So if you don’t want to get up very early for a late breakfast that’s a bit of a problem. Unless… Continue reading “Sunday Breakfast: Yeast Krantz”

Three plugins to easily manage users

Once in a while, there is a client who needs some stuff you never really needed. During the past months, all of a sudden there were several projects that required all kinds of custom user roles. It took some research and testing to figure out what I feel works best for me. Check out my favorites: Continue reading “Three plugins to easily manage users”

My dogs

Lizzy wants to playOne of my passions: My smooth collies. Sometimes they can be a pain in the neck. They want to play. Go outside. Eat. Their hair is everywhere. They take up lots of space in the car and going away for the weekend can turn into an organizational nightmare.

But all in all.. They are family. They are the ones to welcome you enthusiastically even if you only went to the grocery store around the corner. When you are sick they keep you company. Quietly! And they usually are the ones who make you smile even if you really don’t feel like it. They force you to go outside even though you don’t want to and more often than not it feels so good afterwards!

They live every moment and enjoy life as it is. I believe that’s something to be learned.

Cooking with the New York Times

We have a nice collection of pretty cool cookbooks, but the resource I actually use most often is the recipe collection of the NY Times.

Actually it’s so much more than a collection of recipes: If you have an account you are able to build up your own recipe box, rate recipes, sync them with your Evernote account and learn the basics around cooking. You are even able to add recipes from around the web to your NY Times Cooking recipe box.

You’ll soon have your favorite cooks but it’s easy to browse all kinds of collections, search for ingredients or find some inspiration.

Check it out!

Leaving the the semantic grid behind

Guest Post by Kirsten

Custom WordPress themes are my bread and butter. While I’m trying to cultivate something like a theme boilerplate, my coding process is changing constantly. Whenever I think: „That’s it, I got it!“, I change my mind.

I’ve been working with SASS for quite a while and I’m very fond of it. SASS a very elegant and lean way to organize a modularized CSS workflow.
For example, SASS calculates grids very effectively. A few lines of code output a nice responsive grid.
Continue reading “Leaving the the semantic grid behind”

Hands on: User Access Management

Providing website users with appropriate capabilities and access is a powerful built-in feature of WordPress. It is an important and helpful tool for your users as well as the administrator(s).

It is important to get familiar with the basic roles that are always there, ready to use. Go ahead and check out the overview provided by the WordPress codex. Continue reading “Hands on: User Access Management”

Migrating WordPress Multisite

During the past year or so, I learned to love my BackupBuddy. Ever since I use it, migrating WordPress sites has just been a breeze.

However, lately I have had quite a few multisite installations. So far, migrating WordPress multisite still has been a pain (for me, at least), Continue reading “Migrating WordPress Multisite”

First Assignment of Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

As I stated before, I am taking part in Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course at Udemy. In order for the learnings to resonate and stick I will try and share some of it with you. Here comes assignment no. 1, “Who are you?”: Continue reading “First Assignment of Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course”

Seth Godins Freelancer Course

I have to admit I am a bit of a Seth Godin fan girl. I love his books, own probably most of them (including this beauty, from a Kickstarter campaign) and am a fairly regular reader of his blog.

Seths newest product is an online course for freelancers, and, well, sure, I needed to sign up. Continue reading “Seth Godins Freelancer Course”