What is a Taxifisch?

The Taxifisch came about in resemblance of the memorable Babelfish of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I very often unintentionally ended up in the position of being the intermediary between techies and “normal” people and actually grew to love the place.

The “Taxi” stands for either the taxi, the cab, or the verb “to taxi”. Both reflect movement, reaching a desired position.

Since it’s origin is in German the spelling is the spelling of the German word for “fish”.

And that’s how little rosy fish came about.

This was WPCamp Berlin 2013

A short recap and some thoughts before it’s too long gone. Yeah, another WordPress event with lots of inspiring, smart and fun people. A big Thank You to the organizers and everybody who had a share in making it possible. More of it!
In a way I feel sorry I can’t be in London for the upcoming WordCamp. Then again I do need some time to implement all the stuff I learned in Berlin and in Leiden. But back to Berlin for now. Continue reading “This was WPCamp Berlin 2013”

Reading: Looking behind the Scenes at Automattic

Just finished reading “The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work” by Scott Berkun. In his recently published book he describes his learnings, experience and perception of and Automattic. An interesting read for everybody thinking about the future of work as well as people interested in WordPress and people who have been the driving force behind it. Continue reading “Reading: Looking behind the Scenes at Automattic”