Reading: Looking behind the Scenes at Automattic

Just finished reading “The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work” by Scott Berkun. In his recently published book he describes his learnings, experience and perception of and Automattic. An interesting read for everybody thinking about the future of work as well as people interested in WordPress and people who have been the driving force behind it.Continue reading “Reading: Looking behind the Scenes at Automattic”

Git for WordPress – Getting Started



We have been trying to get Git implemented into our theme development process for a rather long time. This didn’t work out, though, since Git is a bit difficult to grab if you don’t feel at home in the abstract vicinity of the command line.
So we set out to work this out. Me, more the developer and geeky type on one side and Kirsten, my partner, designer and maker of custom WordPress themes on the other side.
We finally managed and wanted to share our experience with anybody who might be getting more and more frustrated about “just not getting Git”.Continue reading “Git for WordPress – Getting Started”

Last glimpse of summer

Almost every day I pass this huge sunflower field. It looked gorgeous when they were blooming. Now summer is drawing to a close. The other day I didn’t put of taking pictures any longer but went back home and got my camera.

Yesterday a period of hot summer days here in Germany ended with thunderstorms and heavy rain.

More summer pics of sunflowers