SXSWi: June Cohen, TED

Radical Openness: Growing TED by Giving it Away

Early Sunday morning, daylight savings time on top of it. But June Cohens Solo Panel was absolutely worth getting there in time.

She gave a short overview how TED has developed during the past years. The first TED talks were actually online as early as 2006 as podcasts. In 2007 you were able to view them on the website.

The big idea behind TED is to reach people everywhere, to spread brilliant new ideas and thought provoking opinions. It’s intention is to offer a platform for innovation for a global audience. It has grown to become a strong community, with many enthusiasts and participants around the world. Being able to be a part of it probably is the greatest reward one could get. Money can not substitute this.Continue reading “SXSWi: June Cohen, TED”