Cooking with the New York Times

We have a nice collection of pretty cool cookbooks, but the resource I actually use most often is the recipe collection of the NY Times.

Actually it’s so much more than a collection of recipes: If you have an account you are able to build up your own recipe box, rate recipes, sync them with your Evernote account and learn the basics around cooking. You are even able to add recipes from around the web to your NY Times Cooking recipe box.

You’ll soon have your favorite cooks but it’s easy to browse all kinds of collections, search for ingredients or find some inspiration.

Check it out!

This was WPCamp Berlin 2013

A short recap and some thoughts before it’s too long gone. Yeah, another WordPress event with lots of inspiring, smart and fun people. A big Thank You to the organizers and everybody who had a share in making it possible. More of it!
In a way I feel sorry I can’t be in London for the upcoming WordCamp. Then again I do need some time to implement all the stuff I learned in Berlin and in Leiden. But back to Berlin for now.Continue reading “This was WPCamp Berlin 2013”

Last glimpse of summer

Almost every day I pass this huge sunflower field. It looked gorgeous when they were blooming. Now summer is drawing to a close. The other day I didn’t put of taking pictures any longer but went back home and got my camera.

Yesterday a period of hot summer days here in Germany ended with thunderstorms and heavy rain.

More summer pics of sunflowers