Dealing with fear

Just this morning I stumbled upon one of those citations again that told me to get myself right into my fears’ way. Something like this:

“Do whatever you fear most and you will get rid of that fear.”

I used to believe these citations. For many years, I felt that if I still am afraid of doing certain things I just haven’t worked hard enough yet. I had failed.

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Coffee shop life

Occasionally, I love spending a few hours at one of my favorite coffee shops. Yeah, I admit it’s usually one of our few Starbucks here in Munich.
I just love the atmosphere. People working quietly, others enthusiastically discussing ideas or projects.
It probably is one of the most international places in town.
When I get stuck with a project, an idea, when I feel I’m lacking inspiration, that’s where I go.
I doodle, enjoy my cappuccino, write. And most of the times it works.

My dogs

Lizzy wants to playOne of my passions: My smooth collies. Sometimes they can be a pain in the neck. They want to play. Go outside. Eat. Their hair is everywhere. They take up lots of space in the car and going away for the weekend can turn into an organizational nightmare.

But all in all.. They are family. They are the ones to welcome you enthusiastically even if you only went to the grocery store around the corner. When you are sick they keep you company. Quietly! And they usually are the ones who make you smile even if you really don’t feel like it. They force you to go outside even though you don’t want to and more often than not it feels so good afterwards!

They live every moment and enjoy life as it is. I believe that’s something to be learned.

What is a Taxifisch?

The Taxifisch came about in resemblance of the memorable Babelfish of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I very often unintentionally ended up in the position of being the intermediary between techies and “normal” people and actually grew to love the place.

The “Taxi” stands for either the taxi, the cab, or the verb “to taxi”. Both reflect movement, reaching a desired position.

Since it’s origin is in German the spelling is the spelling of the German word for “fish”.

And that’s how little rosy fish came about.

The original Taxifisch 😉