Multisite: From Subdomain to Subfolder

A few years ago we changed a multilingual blog into a WordPress Multisite network using MultilingualPress for the multilingual part. Today, with wanting to have SSL on all sites, this slowly grew into a nightmare. So after checking all options, I realized everything would be so easy if we just could change the network fromContinue reading “Multisite: From Subdomain to Subfolder”

Troubleshooting Common BackupBuddy Errors

As I stated before, I do love my BackupBuddy. I haven’t encountered a backup and restore plugin that seems to work better for me. It usually is fast, fairly pain-free and it very rarely happens that it doesn’t work out of the box. It does happen, however, and I figured I’d just quickly note the problemsContinue reading “Troubleshooting Common BackupBuddy Errors”

Leaving the the semantic grid behind

Guest Post by Kirsten Custom WordPress themes are my bread and butter. While I’m trying to cultivate something like a theme boilerplate, my coding process is changing constantly. Whenever I think: „That’s it, I got it!“, I change my mind. I’ve been working with SASS for quite a while and I’m very fond of it.Continue reading “Leaving the the semantic grid behind”