Learning: Git for Teams

logo of git

Today, my learning task was (once more) GIT. Especially Git used in a team. I for myself on my local machine am pretty comfortable with Git. Using it in a team is a bit of a different story, especially if your team members are not quite as comfortable with it.

I watched the O’Reilly webcast “Git for Grownups” by Emma Jane Westby and followed up on a couple of links she provided. If you rather read than watch you can read “Git for Grown-ups” at 24ways. You can have a look at Emma’s slides and some more material at her website gitforteams.com

What I like about her approach is that she concentrates on the aspect that it is not so much the commands that get in the way but to understand the underlying concept. That’s what we tried to do as well when presenting our talk at WordCamp Europe 2013 (Developing WordPress Themes with Git, Slides).

I am pretty sure everybody is able to learn the handful of basic commands that get you started with Git. After all, we are used to finding pretty much anything on the web if we really need to. But getting things set up in a way that a team is able to work with it smoothly is not quite as easy. Emma puts a lot of emphasis on the planning process, figuring out who is responsible for which part of the project and what steps need to be taken.

I started to map out our team and we will try to figure out a good way to manage our developing process. I am curious how things will work out.