Reading: Give and Take by Adam Grant

Cover of "Give and Take" by Adam Grant

Why are some people successful while others never seem to get anywhere? You’ll never get to the top if you don’t put your own interest first and grab as much as possible?

Think again. And read! Adam Grant puts together lots of information including his own research to demonstrate that your interaction with others influence your success immensely. Dividing people in three groups – givers, matchers and takers – he proves that many tremendously successful people actually are “givers”.

How come? And what distinguishes highly successful givers from underachieving givers? And aren’t takers more likely to gain most and get all the good stuff?

Halfway through I can only recommend reading this book. His examples are amazing and make sense. To me it is an eye opener, especially looking at why some jobs seem to drain all my energy within minutes while others even seem to give energy back.