Promises to your customers

Promises are tricky. Whether you promise your kid that extra treat or that toy if … or you want to sell shoes, t-shirts or cookies. You better think carefully before you let yourself be tempted to promise something you might not want to deliver.

A short story about selling shoes

I happen to have subscribed to a newsletter of a brand of shoes I like. That is, I even signed up for a “friends & family” program. So once in a while I get these emails inviting me to get a sneak preview of the new collection or an extra discount for being a friend. Same thing now, as summer moves on everybody is doing summer sales. So I got this coupon in my email promising me 50% discount, applicable only to items that are already on sale. Sounds like a good deal. Continue reading “Promises to your customers”

First Assignment of Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

As I stated before, I am taking part in Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course at Udemy. In order for the learnings to resonate and stick I will try and share some of it with you. Here comes assignment no. 1, “Who are you?”: Continue reading “First Assignment of Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course”

Seth Godins Freelancer Course

I have to admit I am a bit of a Seth Godin fan girl. I love his books, own probably most of them (including this beauty, from a Kickstarter campaign) and am a fairly regular reader of his blog.

Seths newest product is an online course for freelancers, and, well, sure, I needed to sign up. Continue reading “Seth Godins Freelancer Course”