Kalalassies Be Busy Lizzy

Talking about Smooth Collies

Smooth Collie? Never heard of it!

Kalalassie's Knock 'n' Roll – "Lotta"

Well, that might be a good thing!  For the Smooth Collie, I mean. And don't worry, you are not alone...


Comments you get with a Smooth Collie:

Did you shave it?

Oh, look, there's a greyhound!

(With a puppy): What a cute Jack Russel Terrier!

That "breeder" screwed you. There is no such thing as a Smooth Collie!

Smooth Collies are NOT for everyone.

A Smooth Collie can be a sissy. Or let's put it differently: Every smooth collie I have known is a sissy in some respect.

But they also can be the sweetest creatures you can imagine.